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Since 1997 we operate as
sales representatives and marketing promoters
of leading Italian manufacturers
of furniture accessories & components

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With us, you can rest assured you’ll get the right product, at the best possible price and conditions, straight from the manufacturing company


With us, price is always transparent. Quotation comes directly from the manufacturing company assuring lower and better prices than the standard ones


Your time is precious and we know how much you are busy. We directly put you in touch with the right company, doing the preliminary work

Our Mission

We are moved by the desire to
spread the awareness
of our Partner companies’ identity

and items among our trusted customers. 

At the same time, we work to offer
the top-quality Italian brands on the market.

Our Philosophy

We believe in companies in love with what they do
because it shows in the products they make.

We are convinced that the human factor is the key
to any success: for this reason we are committed
to connecting people and businesses. 

And we are dedicated to it, always.

We boast a comprehensive portfolio of products:
from handles to kitchen mixers,
passing through sliding systems, LED lighting solutions,
decorative laminates, door locks, showers
and much more

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